Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivation – Weight Loss 101

Weight Loss Motivation – Weight Loss 101

I chose weight loss motivation to be the first of many topics to come in my series of guides to show you, no-holds barred – EXACTLY how to get a flat stomach and achieve your very own personal fat loss goals. We first begin, by addressing the problem at hand. And by problem i don’t mean that belly of yours but a deeper problem as to why, till this day, there is inaction. We will present to you our solution soon enough but for now.. let us ask ourselves a simple question – We all want to know how to get a flat stomach.. But the question we should be asking ourselves at this point of time is… – WHY? Why DO we want to GET a flat stomach? This simple question right here is the very first step towards your successful weight loss goals and your greatest weight loss motivation.

I will not bore you with the statistics and already well documented health risks that are associated with obesity. We know its an unhealthy state of the body to be in. Heart risks, diabetes, related coronary diseases that are all linked to obesity. So instead, we are going to discuss the allures of a tight, firm and lean midsection. We need to dig deeper into our most heart felt desires – is it it the sex appeal that comes with great looking abs? Or is it the unsightly bulge that is so popularly associated with obesity sending out ‘fat ass’ signals where ever you seem to go? What ever our reasons may be, the concept that i want to share with you is how regular folks just like you and me can use to once and for all, eradicate procrastination and to actually start taking action! Are you ready to digest the single most powerful concept of weight loss motivation?

What is your Weight Loss Motivation?

Sounds simple? it really is! You see, we as humans make all of our decisions based on feelings. And these feelings are VERY real. How we feel towards something ultimately gets us either saying yes or no, dictating whether an action is taken – or a complete failure to do so. We associate feelings of pleasure by stuffing our faces full of junk food and slabs of ribs to appease our hunger and cravings, and yet attribute feelings of pain, into having to stay off your favorite foods and turning instead to an hour or two on the treadmill! With pain far out-weighing pleasure in this scenario, its clear as day what our decision is going to be as soon as we even begin to think about all the work that’s required to get a flat stomach of your dreams. But wait, there’s a catch.. As much as pleasure motivates and keeps us happy doing the things we want to do, pain has always been the BETTER motivator.

Lets look into the same scenario. We find pleasure in eating the things we like, whenever we feel like it. What would happen now if you envision instead, that by continuing living the way you do, every choice you make eats at your health, slowly and surely shortening your life span. Imagine then, the burdens of the long term medical costs on your family, the frequent visits to the hospital, the pain stricken faces on your loved ones as you lay sickly on a hospital bed, knowing that this was how a slob, that lacked simple weight loss motivation, had lived out his/her ENTIRE LIFE!

We have come to realize now, that the feelings associated with pain vs pleasure is of utmost importance. Each time you find it hard to stay off the ice-cream. Think of the painful repercussions. Reaching for that cheeseburger and you are instantly reminded that you need to get your act together. Gradually but surely, this builds a strong natural reflex in you that will have you building a will of steel in no time. The pleasure that we once had the tendency to associate, with our choice of unhealthy foods or poor lifestyle habits, will wane, and in its place, the clearer and more obvious healthier choices. A powerful concept you can apply immediately not just on how to get a flat stomach, but in every aspect of your waking life. Hows that for some weight loss motivation!

Pain Vs. Pleasure – How to get a flat stomach for REAL!

And so now we can begin. Everything you have learned thus far about the exercises and ‘secrets’ on how to get a flat stomach will be applied to great effect from now on. With your new found method to whip up instant weight loss motivation and the innate desire to learn more about the topic, you are well on your way to being the fittest you have ever been. I hope this has been most insightful and it has been my pleasure to be your guide, giving you the most practical of insights to your weight loss plans!

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