The truth about six pack abs review

The truth about six pack abs review

The truth about six pack abs reviews

The truth about six pack abs review: Here is a weight loss program that has been all the hype in recent months – The Truth About Abs. I couldn’t help but purchase it and review it for myself.

The Truth about Abs is authored by Mike Geary who is also a personal trainer and nutritionist. I wanted to read this for myself so i could better tell my readers if it was an outright scam or even worth its weight in dollars.

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Truth About Abs – Overview

The Truth About Abs E-book starts off with information on getting a proper nutrition. Foods to take and foods to cut down on and also foods that you should out right avoid! The information is precise and in a no-holds barred kid of way explains even why different foods harm the body, and that not getting this right will outright jeopardize any hopes you have of getting six pack abs.

Our Truth about Abs Review also noticed a simple and yet effective exercise and fitness section. Geary recommends a set of simple and effective workout routines that are guaranteed to give you a set of well-defined abs. He also includes sample fitness and nutrition plans that make it almost seem that it is impossible not to be successful given his said step by step instructions. This is a bold claim, and we do want to remind you that NOTHING is guaranteed when it comes to getting a six pack abs. Everyone’s physiology and mental will is different and some will require a lot more work than others!

Understanding Your Abdominal Muscles

The first fTruth about abs reviewew pages of Mike Geary’s guide explains just how and why abs are developed into either being ripped or into being a floppy mess. He includes a scientific breakdown of how the abs lie under a deeper layer below the subcutaneous region, and that everything you will learn from then on is how to properly target the right regions of the abs and learn how to lessen the outer layer of fat that’s actually covering your abs.

Geary also dispels the common myths that people associate to getting a six-pack abs. He claims fat burners are a huge waste of money and while some of them do work, the repercussions and harmful side effects in the long term tend to be a very poor and unreliable example of how weight loss should be.

Mike Geary also plays down curl ups, sit up and cardiovascular workouts as being the least effective ways to train the abdominal muscles. As much as i would like to agree with the author, i have to say that exercising and cardio is an important element of weight loss. In a way this was over dramatized to be a selling point, just like how sales lines like to claim that you can lose weight by doing nothing. Take any information about doing little to no exercises in any literature with a grain of salt, because as it soon turns out, Geary actually has devised his own comprehensive workout plan that he provides. Ah.. exercise IS required!

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truth about six pack abs review

Truth about six pack abs review

Truth About Abs – Fat Burning Food Items

Truth about Abs also reveals many food items that will supplement your weight and fat loss methods. He shares natural fat-burning foods that can help increase your metabolism, prevent your body from absorbing carbohydrates, and help you burn stubborn fat deposits all throughout the day. This section we like, since it has in depth information that really constitutes the bulk of your money. A great nutrition is important and knowing which food types to eat and avoid is ESSENTIAL to say the least. This will not only lead to a healthier you, but also a slimmer and trimmer waistline.Although he provides a wealth of information about nutrition, he provides no recipes for you to follow, that leaves some guesswork to be done in regards to putting together your own meals.

All in all, if you are looking for a great guide providing smart fitness and a great wealth of nutritional information, i highly recommend the truth about abs. More meat could be provided in sections such as recipes and cardio ideas but these can be easily supplemented by reading up at this site. I learned several important elements of fat loss that i never knew about and there seems to be something for everyone in his book. The price couldn’t be anymore reasonable and i can heartily recommend this for anyone who wants to get a six pack or wants to get a flat stomach. The book itself will not get you a six pack abs immediately, but the principles exposed in this book are extremely powerful and will work work and work! So long as you get off your couch and actually start doing something about it! And here is my honest Truth About Abs review!

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