How to get a six pack bodybuilding

how to get a six pack bodybuilding

how long to get a six pack bodybuilding

Everyone wants a six pack body. It is built into our ancient genes that we naturally gravitate to athletic six pack bodies. It is seen as an evolutional edge and therefore considered more appropriate for our own genes to combine in order to maintain survival in the somewhat metaphorical wild we now live in. Accept in many ways we have more of an educated appreciation of the human body in our advanced society. The thing is, it still all boils down to one thing, and it makes you more attractive to the opposite sex! They’ll look at you and sum you up within seconds. They say first impressions are most important so if you look the part your more than likely act the part. Looking good is not only good for your health but also your state of mind. You’ll have confidence and the beans to back it up. This all plays well in the grand race for the ideal mate. You need to be a survivor and carry the metaphorical balls to back it.

Did you ever break this down while you looked at these people down the gym or on the TV? Take a leaf out of Darwin book, or maybe I should say leaf through. It all makes sense when you look at the perfectly sculpted six pack body. Many people I know just think, well if I’m all buffed up with a good solid six pack then girls will fancy me. And that as far as it goes. Maybe if you looked into this and the reasons why you would have a different take on what attraction is all about. Let’s not kid ourselves; this is what it is all about. It’s about looking good or being powerful. It still makes a big impact even though the biology behind it is millions of years old; this very thing is what drives us. It’s amazing if you think about it, it seems like our world revolves around it. You must have heard of the phrase “sex sells”??? It’s because these clever marketers know this runs deep. They show sexy men and women with six pack body’s on glossy magazines and colourful adverts because it catches your eye, it’s a human primal reaction and it works!

six pack bodybuilding

six pack bodybuilding

This in essence is like a personal marketing exercise because you are trying to catch eyes and pull people to look in your direction by simply looking like a powerful strong provider, or in women’s case a good healthy gene pool in which to reproduce from, it really is as basic as that. Being healthy and fit has many benefits simply because it doesn’t work against the grain. This is what we are built to do and should remain if we are to keep a strong entity on this globe. We are animals like any other and we are pitching our survival against all other in the food chain. If we want to remain on top then we need the brains and the broad to push it forward and innovate. Having a good six pack body is as important to us as a whole as eating and drinking and is a natural part of our existence. You can see that it goes hand in hand with our evolution as a mammal on this earth and contributes to a healthy gene pool and maintains the attraction between us. Without it we would end up extinct!

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