Resistance And Repetition for six pack abs

Last week we did an article on using weights for six pack abs. If you read it then you may be wondering why we focused on training with resistance. By adopting the approach of using weights for your six pack training program, you will be training for strength and size. This is the foundation of building larger muscles and can only truly be achieved by following resistance type training. Now you may be wondering why you cannot instead perform more repetitions to build a six pack. This is a valid question and one I felt worthy of addressing.

Resistance Vs Repetition for six pack abs

Resistance and Repetition for six pack abs easy

As you become accustomed to training your six pack you ultimately find that eventually it becomes easy to complete the initial number of repetitions you started out on. The intuitive response would be to up the number of rep’s you do in order to maintain the level of difficulty right? This wouldn’t be wrong and I certainly wouldn’t correct your thinking behind it. However you need to think out what you want from your training program. Do you want strength or endurance? Both have their benefits and both reflect on the look and use of you abdominal muscles.

Endurance if you didn’t already know is associated with stamina. So this is your ability to maintain workload for a longer period of time. This in the broad sense is different to strength as this would focus on short periods of high resistance or “heavy” workload. So as you can see they both have merits in different lights.

If gaining a super flat stomach is your ultimate goal then doing repetition training would be the most effective form of training. By simply increasing the number of repetitions you perform in each set you will build your endurance and less the muscle mass. Resistance concentrates on loading the muscle to the max and tearing the muscle so that it rebuilds larger than before. Increased repetition will not rip the muscle quite so aggressively but develop the muscle for prolonged intensity instead. This will of course burn your belly fat away because you will effectively be training for longer periods of time and sustaining a constant level of activity. This supports the way your metabolic rate will act to amplify the effect of burning fat and suck you in with ultra tight muscle tone. It won’t give you a rippling six pack that strength training might provide but certainly hold a glance or two down the beach.

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