Increase Metabolism Rate For Optimum Weight Loss

Metabolism Rate For Optimum Weight Loss

Metabolism Rate For Optimum Weight Loss

The right way to go about doing your flat stomach exercises is to know that your body burns fat most efficiently when your body is in a state of increased metabolism. Your goal in should you want to be in an optimal state for weight loss – is to know how to increase your metabolism rate .

1. Increase Metabolism Rate By Exercising Throughout The Day

What this means is that instead of pulling off a one time 45 minute workout, you could be doing 4 sets of workouts throughout the day, each lasting for at least 10 minutes. This ensures an increased metabolism rate and will allow you to be burning calories throughout the day.

2. Increase Metabolism Rate First Thing In The Morning

You start your flat stomach exercises in the morning, where the fat burning effects of the workout will last the longest and will keep you burning fat throughout the entire day. This is called the afterburn effect. Exercises should be done before breakfast

3. Interval Workouts

Interval workouts are alternating periods of high intensity exercise, followed by low intensity exercises. Interval exercises increases metabolism rates far more than a cardio workout done in a steady state. Why this works is that interval workouts build up lactic acids in your muscles, and your body will have to flush this out, resulting in your body being in a constant state of elevated metabolism. And example of an interval workout is as follows

Jog for 30 seconds with high intensity

Slow down to a walk or job for the next 60 seconds before going back to step 1.
Do this for at least 10 minutes
This is highly effective and will have you panting away. Scale down if your just starting out and adjust the intensity as required.

4. Do NOT Skip meals

Your breakfast should be taken right after your morning workout and it should be packed with fiber and protein – and avoid the coffee. It is important not to skip breakfast or any other meal for the matter, as this will slow down your metabolism since your body will go into starvation mode and conserve energy – fats and calories.

5. Spicy Foods

Spicy foods have been known to increase metabolism rate, and if you have a liking for jalapeno chilli or spicy asian foods, you may look to including more of this in your diet.

6. Iced water

By drinking ice water throughout the day, your body spends energy, warming up the cold water in your stomach. This spikes up and increase metabolism rates and the effects of the increased metabolism can last up to an hour.

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