How to get a six pack by running

Ever see runners with a fat belly? No! There is a good reason for this. Running is a very intensive cardiovascular exercise. It is almost a full body workout and is great for the heart and lungs. Long distance runners in particular have a very slender physique and amazing stamina. But the thing we would be most concerned with is the six pack. The reason their stomachs are so flat is that they will have a very high metabolism coupled with exercise which strips calories.
You would normally find that pro runners can eat almost anything without getting fat. It is the prolonged continuous cardio whereby their heart rate is elevated for extended periods that is able to slim them back to lean muscle. Runners however will not have particularly big muscles because they will be developed to undergo long periods of low intensity exertion. This will build the muscles into high stamina fibres able to withstand long periods without rest. Prolonged exertion is considered the best way to burn calories.
The body will utilise the fat in your tissue in order to fuel your muscles once the sugars produced in your liver have run low. Generally, the glucose produced by the liver will be utilised for short high intensity purpose such as lifting a heavy weight because it contains a more potent level of energy more suitable to quick release. The fat in your tissue however suits running or low intensity, prolonged exertion because it cannot be metabolised quite so quickly.
Mixing your six pack routine will bouts of low intensity prolonged exercise will turbo charge your six pack into a super flat wash board

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