How to Get A Flat Stomach

How To Get A Flat Stomach -Weight Loss 101

Weight loss methods, Dieting, Supplements, Exercises, Lemonade diets… For several years now, over and over again, someone thinks that they’ve found the secret – that to get a flat stomach requires you to just do this workout 2 times a day, take a handful of pills an hour before a meal, don’t use the lift and use the fire stairs instead.. – these sounded gimmicky, and yet strangely, i can profess to being one of the many out there that has tried and fell for almost every how to get a flat stomach advert/product/gimmick in the book.

How To Get A Flat Stomach – How NOT to..

I will come to explain the things i did to get a flat stomach, or rather how NOT to. But firstly, do not get me wrong. I wasn’t uncontrollably obese, merely a borderline overweight individual no different from many of my peers. I had a good built, nothing too extreme and i was proud of my healthy antics. But there was one aspect of my body that always got the most attention. I wish i could say it was my chiseled facial features or my well defined pecs.. But no. It was my BULGING tummy. I had solid and well defined arms and shoulders, but a belly that hung a little too far over my belt..

Thinking that all i needed to do to get a flat stomach was to be strict dieting and a strenuous exercise plan, i was determined – I was religiously jogging 4 times a week. I got a treadmill that would give me no excuses if ever it was raining outside. I have always been a self professed gym rat that knew everyone(almost!) at my local gym. Alcohol was non-existent in my diet and i did NO binge eating whatsoever. 4 smaller low carb, protein-loaded meals/day. No late night suppers – i never ate 3 hours before bed. I ate only whole wheat bread… you get the picture..5 months later, i decided to take my measurements again. And i hurled that darn measuring tape out the window – I had lost a full quarter of an inch around my belly. Ingenious as i thought my plans was, it was clearly NOT how to get a flat stomach.

What was wrong with me!?. Genetics? diet? Was i doing my crunches wrong? Was i destined to never get a flat stomach? .. Now at this point, it was really starting to bug me. I crafted my plan and stuck to it. I was exercising harder than ever before and the results that showed for it were nothing short of disappointing. And so, in desperation i started an obsession that would one day lead me to starting this blog. Splurging money on countless methods and ‘secrets’ that pertained to my very desperate desire to know, once and for all – the truth..

How To Get A Flat Stomach – The Truth

Investing my time and money in so many methods has taught me a few things that i have gathered and applied. There is no longer any hard feelings towards the vendors of these gimmick products since every ounce of information i have gathered, has made me who i am today. A flat stomach and a wealth of experience that i can proudly share with you my methods today – The Truths!:

Not All How to Get a Flat Stomach Methods Work – Some work for awhile and are simply too difficult to follow through on them.
The ‘Secrets’ – There are NO secrets, only lesser known truths that we were previously unaware of.
Step by Step Guidance – Dieting and exercises when thrown at you in a disarray will have you doing too much guess-work. Having you mix and matching the pieces to the weight loss puzzle will leave you confused, and over-loaded with information.
Confusion – When every one says their methods are THE best and we follow every ‘Best’ ever how to get a flat stomach weight loss guide, we end up severely confused and that puts us off our plan altogether.
So Here’s What i Propose..

Start simple and start slow. Being realistic is the key here and there is no hard and fast ways on how to get a flat stomach (in a healthy manner). BUT i can take you by the hand. And we will definitely GET there. We will have free guides and articles for you on our site to read and learn and apply. This is where we leave no stone unturned and where we come straight to tell you the simplest, tried and tested methods to getting a flat stomach. Our methods are not all painless – but they work. Get your act together to get a flat stomach today. Bulge or no bulge, its up to you.

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Flat Stomach Exercises – Flat stomach exercises ranging from basic to intermediate to advanced. Some work, some do more harm than good.
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