Deep Breathing Exercises

Here’s a weight loss tip you might not have heard before. Deep breathing exercises like the ones practiced by yoga practitioners/gurus. It is not the SOLE way to get a flat stomach and the method may seem a tad controversial. But incorporate it into your weight loss regime and see how well it just might work for you.

The particular yoga breathing technique that we are going to learn about is called the Dirga Pranayama – 3 step breathing. This are deep breathing exercises that will get your lungs, body and blood stream filled with oxygen. This is the key here as oxygen has many health benefits that has been very well documented.

Health benefits of deep breathing exercises

Health benefits of deep breathing exercises

Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises brings more oxygen into the blood stream, this helps to eliminate toxins in your system
Oxygen in the organs like your stomach allow it to work more efficiently – Digestion will be more efficient and nutrients will be better absorbed.
The nervous system communicates with your entire being, and is made up of the brain, nerves and spinal cord. These are parts of your body that requires the bulk of your oxygen intakes. By increasing the amount of oxygen to them, we are nourishing and improving their health, along with your entire body.
By deep breathing, the diaphragm massages your abdominal organs as well as your heart, improving blood circulation. More circulation also means the heart does not have to work as hard and will help to make it work for longer, helping to prevent heart diseases and reducing your heart pressure.
It also aids in weight loss as the increased oxygen in your system will mean that fat is burnt and used up more efficiently.

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Deep Breathing Exercises – How to?

The Dirga Pranayama deep breathing exercise can be done daily. You can choose to seat cross legged, or to lie down flat on your back. This will only require 20 minutes a day. First find a comfortable place in your house that is free from distractions.

1. Eyes closed, either seated or lying down – start by relaxing your facial muscles down through out every limb of your body, starting from the top of your head.

2. Take full notice of your breath. Every inhalation and exhalation and feel the rhythmic movement of your lungs. Distractions may come, so i you do notice them, learn to quickly let these go, focusing only on your own breathing patterns.

3. Once properly relaxed, inhale air through your nose deeply, filling up the belly with air and expanding it like a balloon.

5. On each exhale now, expel the air through your nose, while drawing the navel back all the way towards your spine to empty the air in your belly.

6. Continue this deep belly breathing for five breaths.

7. On your next inhale after that, inhale the air deeply once again but this time channel the air to also widen your lungs and rib cages, allowing the ribs to widen slightly.

8. On the exhale breath, let the air go first from the rib cage, letting them slide back, then followed by the air contained in the belly, drawing the navel back towards the spine.

9. Repeat this deep breathing for another 5 breaths.

10. Your next inhalation will be to do the same as the previous deep breaths, filling up the belly and the rib cages, but this time you are to draw a little more air to fill up your upper chest, and feel the expansion near your heart region all the way up to your collarbone.

11. On the exhale,work downwards by first letting go of the air in your upper chest, then the air in your ribcages, and lastly the air in your belly while drawing the navel back into the spine.

12. Do this for 10 breaths and the exercise is complete.

And thats it! Take this one tip and practice deep breathing exercises daily. Soon your lungs will expand and the increased oxygen intake will be benefiting you throughout every day of your life. i hope you’ve enjoyed this simple but very effective weight loss tip!

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