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There are tens of thousands of books on healthy diets and weight loss diets and every year there are more books coming out. What does this mean? Well it means that there is a lot of misinformation about the subject and most people don’t know what the hell they are talking about!

dieting the right way healthy

Dieting the right way healthy

At any given moment there are always men and women on some diet… now ask yourself this question: did that person get results? Of 10 people you know that went on a diet, how many lost weight and kept it off? One in ten? Maybe even less! If you are wondering what is right in the world of dieting and are jumping from one diet to the other with no results and no quality of life then it is time to get this handled.

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There are many popular diets… Atkins diet, zone diet, south beach diet, macrobiotic diet, Pritkin diet, vegetarian diet, raw food diet, Mediterranean diet, blood type diet… and the king of them all: the low fat and high carbs diet.

With so many literature on the subject and such poor results world wide… are these authors all stupid? Does nothing work? Do they all work?

The answer to that is simple: All the diets work… but you have to chose the right one.

Do you think an Irishman, a Mexican, a Spaniard, a Moroccan, a Chinese, an Eskimo, an African and an Indian all have the same nutritional requirements? Do they all have the same metabolism? No they don’t. Over hundreds of thousands of years people have evolved in order to adapt to their environment and that has changed their nutritional requirements. This is called biochemical individuality.

There is no healthy diet that fits everyone. The nutrition requirements that you need to feel your best and have a disease free life are as individual as your personality!

Metabolic Typing Diet

This is called metabolic typing and it was researched by a man called Dr. Weston A. Price. For more than a decade he travelled through the whole world looking for the healthiest people and indigenous societies and he then compared the effects of the modern white man’s diet to their traditional diets.

He looked for siblings and in some cases twins, where one of them had a traditional diet and another one a modern diet. This research showed the changes that can occur in one generation of an unhealthy diet.

These are some of the mysteries that can be solved by having the right diet for each person:

Have you ever wondered why a friend of yours tried a new diet and had great results. He or she lost weight and had energy and vitality… but when you tried the diet you felt like crap and you were even gaining weight?
Why do some people always feel tired and have a lack of energy when they are eating healthy and sleeping enough?
Why can’t some people control cholesterol levels with a low fat diet? Instead of lowering their cholesterol it goes up? Why?
Some people eat the most high quality organic foods that money can buy, take the most expensive supplements, sleep enough and do exercise but don’t see any results?
Why do some people never get colds, sore throats, the flu or other diseases and why do others have such a weak immune system?
Different people react to diets differently because everyone needs to eat food that matches their own genetic requirements to achieve optimal health. Optimal health means being disease free, not being overweight and feeling and looking great.

There are many factors that dictate each person’s dietary requirements and the most important is your ancestral heritage. Different peoples have developed different adaptation systems according to their habitats and type of lifestyle. This was dictated by the available foods, climate and geography.

For example: people that live close to the equator have a diet with more vegetables and less proteins and fats because they have fruits and vegetable foods available all year round and they don’t have big game to hunt.

On the other hand, when you got cold regions people have relied more on animal protein and fat. This is because that was the main food source available when everything is full of snow.

Being Healthy, Loosing Weight Getting a Six Pack

Different people have different nutritional requirements and when you find your own diet you will feel better, have more energy and be sick less. People have different metabolism types and they react in different ways to the same foods. That is what biochemical individuality is all about.

When you find your balance you will find it much easier to lose weight and get a six pack. I hope you enjoyed this article and that you made some sense of why there are so many contradictory theories in the diet and weight loss world. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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