Sleep and Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, get a six pack and feel healthy you have to use everything to your advantage, from eating healthy to exercise and something that most people forget is to sleep enough.

I did some research and found some studies that show a connection between lack of sleep and obesity. So why does low quantity and quality of sleep affect your weight?

Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

Sleep Hormones and Weight

What researches concluded is that not sleeping enough or having a poor quality sleep affects 2 key hormones that regulate your appetite. These two hormones are Leptin and Grehlin and they control your appetite, therefore influencing your weight gain or weight loss.

The hormone Grehlin increases your appetite and hunger. Leptin does the opposite, it calms and decreases your appetite.

Chronic lack of sleep or increases the levels of Grehlin and decreases the amount of Leptin. This makes your appetite increase and you get more cravings that are hard to handle. The lack of sleep increases appetite and is one of the factors that increases weight gain and obesity.

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Keep in mind that poor quality sleep can be linked to other factors that also increase weight like medication, stress, eating unhealthy, irritability, lack of energy, etc. When more than one of these factors work against you they can be responsible for starting a downward spiral to more severe health problems and not only obesity.

Imagine someone that doesn’t sleep enough, takes medication, eats unhealthy, is dehydrated and feels insecure about their appearance. This persons appetite is augmented by the lack of sleep and the dehydration. Dehydration also increases the desire to eat empty foods and empty calories. Because that person doesn’t eat what the body needs he or she always feels hungry a short time after eating some foods with no nutrition.

Because of all the sugar and lack of water, digestive problems develop which give more stress and make it even harder to sleep… See where this is going? Its a downward spiral, from bad to worse.

Normalizing sleep patterns and making sure that you sleep long enough will make it easier to lose weight because you can control your cravings better. Those cravings for sugar and fat that seem uncontrollable can be weakened by sleeping better. When you feel well rested your immune system and hormonal levels are kept under control because it is during the night that these systems are restored and recharged.

Paul Check has a system called The Last 4 Doctors you Will Ever Need. The four doctors are: Dr. Quiet, Dr. Diet, Dr. Movement and Dr. Happiness. Dr. Quiet, which is sleep and introspection (meditation and so on) is the first part you need to get working on. This has more benefits that normalizing your Leptin and Grehlin levels and controlling your appetite. When you are well rested you can handle more stress and problems, your immunity is stronger and you feel much better. This leads to more brain power and motivation to achieve your goals, from getting healthy to pursuing your other dreams.

How to Sleep Better

Here are some tips to sleep better:

  • Don’t consume caffeine, alcohol or nicotine in the evening. These substances will interfere with your healthy sleep pattern and sleep quality.
  • Do relaxing things in the evening; read a book and listen to calm music. Do not do stressful things like trying to solve your problems, pay bills or any other things that make you worry.
  • If you exercise or eat, do it at least 3 hours before you go to sleep. Digestion and exercise elevate your body temperature and make you go to the toilet, which will disrupt your sleep pattern.
  • Dim the lights and wind down in a silent and calm environment. Setting the mood to sleep is very important to be able to fall asleep fast.
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There are many diets and tips on how to lose weight and how to get a six pack, some of them don’t work but many do. The biggest problem that people face when getting fit is lack of motivation and quitting. The most important thing in weight loss is the mindset because it will make you hang on and follow a healthy eating plan, do your exercises and rest enough. Having a healthy sleeping pattern is crucial because it will diminish the “uncontrollable cravings” that some people have and can’t go up against.

Enough good sleep will give you mental clarity, less stress, more endurance, stronger immunity and a normal appetite. It will directly influence your mindset and motivation and that is why it is so important for your health and fitness! I hope you found this article helpful and if you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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