Diet shake recipes

( Milkshakes are lovely! Who can deny that huh? Only the limits of your imagination come between you and the tastiest smoothy you could muster. The good thing is you can make shakes really healthy too. Now most might say that milkshakes could be considered a rather indulgent treat, and they’d be right. You can make shakes with chocolate and cream and all those things that count for high calories but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Diet Shake Recipes

Diet shake recipes

Many people are now turning to milkshakes as a form of a highly nutritious meal. Using the right ingredience you can make a very tasty and healthy shake in 5 minutes or less. Many Diet books and clubs now openly endorse healthy shakes as meal replacement and add protein powers and vitamin supplements to increase the nutritious content of the milkshake. You can add it as part of your diet plan and yield a very low calorie count, how great is that!

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Everyone knows that the first ingredient is milk so why not choose a very low fat skimmed milk as the base and add your favourite fruit, wizz it up in a blender and you have a basic and healthy fruit flavoured drink packed full of the right stuff. Easy right? But you don’t have to stop there. Why not try using yogurt instead? It tastes great with fruit and contains very little fat while maintaining a smooth texture similar to cream. Mmmm best of both worlds right.

Diet Shake Recipes For Weight Loss

Diet Shake Recipes For Weight Loss

Drinking shakes as a meal replacement can make a very positive difference to your diet. Consuming your food this way is great for your digestion as a lot of the hard work is taken care of when the liquid entered your stomach. The body will readily metabolise it and leave you feeling fresher than you normally would after a stodgy meal. Dieting this way also has a great effect on the way your six pack will look. A liquid diet won’t bloat you or give you digestive gas the same way pie and beans might, so give a slimming effect around your stomach middle enhancing your six pack even further.

You can try all sorts of ideas and remain in the green dieting in this way because milk contains many of the macro nutrience and proteins which support lean muscle. Why do you think we live on it as a baby or for any animal for that matter? It is extremely good for you and remains low in fat if you opt for a skimmed milk variety. Try some of the shake recipes below and come up with some of your own spins. You may just surprise yourself.

Diet Shake Recipes For Weight Loss fast

Diet Shake Recipes For Weight Loss fast

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