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Nowadays detoxifying your body is more important than ever! We eat a high quantity of processed foods with sugar and hydrogenated fats… and most of the food is grown with pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics and when it is processed its filled with color agents and preservatives to lengthen the shelf life.

When we eat these foods all these toxins end up in our body. So what detox diet  quick weight loss should we follow?

In the long term these toxins are what cause our immune system to weaken and collapse to diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. More common symptoms are feeling bloated, tired, constipation, frequent colds, sore throat, etc.

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90% of all diseases start in the gut.

90% of all diseases start in the gut.

Knowing how to detox your body naturally will help clean out all these waste materials that you ingested and boost your immune system by cleaning your gut and other organs of their toxin overload.

Even when we do an effort to eat healthy food it can be hard to find if you have a busy lifestyle or travel. It certainly costs more to eat healthy than to go toMacDonalds.

To detox diet quick weight loss you have to avoid eating junk food and sugared or caffeinated drinks.

Drinking Water to Detox

The most important thing to detox your body is drinking enough water. As I already mentioned in the article on dehydration, water is important for your well being and health. Drinking clean water detoxifies your body like nothing else. It is so beneficial because you are replacing your soda and coffee with water. Removing a big source of toxins like sugared drinks, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages will greatly increase your health and vitality.

Caffeinated and sugared drinks like soda and juices are non-foods. Non-foods require more nutrients than they contain, so that your body can process them… They steal the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your body can use for other things like keeping your immune system strong and fight diseases.

Medical tests have shown that when people drink less water their addictions are augmented (addictions of sugar, fats, alcohol, tobacco, medication and recreational drugs). So if you drink enough water you will do yourself a favor, because it will make you healthier and it will make it easier to change your diet and lifestyle for six pack abs.

If I had to give you one piece of advice to feel better, lose weight, lose belly fat, feel more energetic, detox, solve digestive problems, get more mental clarity and concentration it would be to drink enough water.

Detox Diet and Six Pack Abs

A detox diet can accelerate your journey to getting a good looking six pack. Most people walk around with inflamed guts or constipation… or both. The obvious side effect is that your belly looks bigger because it is inflamed and because you have a bunch of undigested food lodged in your intestines.

From the moment that you stop taxing your digestive system with toxins, your body starts using its resources to continue detoxing your body and cleaning the whole mess up. This leads to less undigested food in your digestive system and it doesn’t get inflamed. This also leads to a healthy digestive system without constipation.

In reality you body doesn’t start detoxing. Your body is always detoxing to its maximum potential. The problem is that it can’t keep up with all the sugar, hydrogenated fats, preservatives, antibiotics, steroids and other trash that is in the industrialized food that you eat.

Detox diet quick weight loss

Detox diet quick weight loss

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks

I have seen women loosing 10 pounds in 2 weeks because they started eating right. This looks like its an ad for a weight loss product… how is this possible? First of all they don’t really lose weight, they are lose water weight.

Second… most women are constipated. When you start eating right and actually start going to the toilet regularly… those things add up to some weight. When they start evacuating their bowel the capillary beds start tightening up and the gut is less and less inflamed. When the bowel inflammation goes away the water retention in the intestine tissues has disappeared and that is a few extra pounds that are lost.

All this weight loss is due to defecation and water retention that goes away because the body starts functioning like its supposed to!

This happens mostly with women, because women are much more sensitive to constipation and bowel inflammation.

Healthy Diet and Exercise Response

If you don’t feel good and have digestive or health problems you should not start to do heavy exercise. Manny people go to the gym to get fit and spend an hour on the treadmill or stepping machine.

Cardiovascular exercise puts an enormous strain on your body and if you have digestive problems and are not eating healthy you are doing more damage than good.

Detox Diet or Untoxic Lifestyle?

Doing a special detox diet now and then is a good thing and it is a great start for a healthier life. Doing these exceptional efforts once in a while is not going to give you the quality of life and well being that you are looking for. If you want to live disease free, look better, age gracefully and save on doctor visits you need to start adapting your lifestyle.

Best detox diet quick weight loss

Best detox diet quick weight loss

So to sum up, these are the things you should do to detoxify and keep the toxin intake to a minimum:

  • Drink a lot of water. The skin is the largest organ of excretion of the body. If the liver and kidneys can’t handle the toxic load your skin will show you. Zits come from the inside and they are nothing but toxins that couldn’t leave the body through the kidneys and urine or through the bowels and fecal material. If you look at the people that are putting these expensive acne treatments on their face you will see that almost every one of them is constipated and has a poor diet. If you start eating right and clear up your food allergies your skin can clear up like its magic. The problem is coming from the inside, not the outside.
  • Don’t drink sodas and other artificial drinks, this includes sugar “juices”. They overload you bodies pathways of detoxification, dehydrate you and clog your body up. Caffeine is a dehydrating substance, when you drink a lot of sugar your body has to suck the water out of your digestive system and muscles to be able to break it down. The combination of sugar and caffeinated drinks is highly addictive so if you drop those you get a double whammy of good results!
  • Get your digestive system working properly. Getting your digestion working normally is essential to keeping the body clean and healthy. If you have digestive problems your liver will be overloaded and you will not be able to detox at a normal rate.
  • Know your food intolerances. You need to go to access what kind of food intolerances you have because they inflame your bowels and don’t allow your digestive system to work properly.
  • Stay away form deep fried foods. Most of these fats and oils are bad for you.
  • Prescription drugs are a major cause of toxification. When you apply all the principles for a healthier life you will start seeing results and can start using less prescription drugs.

Once you are over the sugar and caffeine cravings it will all be very easy. You will feel better, your body will work like its supposed to and you will wonder why you didn’t do it before. To know more on how to get a six pack and how to lose belly fat check out the other articles on that! I hope you enjoyed this articles and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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