50 Ways to Burn off a Pint

how long to burn off a pint of beer

How long to burn off a pint of beer

We can’t clear your head, but we can clear your conscience… If you do the crime, here’s how to do the time it takes to burn off the 256 calories bubbling in the nation’s favourite pint.

At the Gym Burn off a Pint :

25 mins circuit training 17 mins skipping rope 34 mins lifting weights 20 mins breaststroke
28 mins backstroke 20 mins crawl
25 mins press-ups
8 mins running up a 15-degree incline at 9mph
23 mins stationary rowing
58 mins pilates
80 mins yoga
25 mins pull-ups
50 mins Tai Chi
25 mins star jumps

Out and About

22 mins cross-country skiing (moderate terrain)
40 mins skateboarding
29 mins roller blading
13 mins cycling at 20mph
22 mins cross-country running at 6mph
67 mins playing frisbee
40 mins Whitewater kayaking (one-man)
34 mins fly fishing
101 mins fishing
25 mins hiking up hills with a 15kg pack
34 mins hiking crosscountry at 4mph
22 mins mountain biking
61 mins walking at 3mph
29 mins scuba diving
13 mins running up stairs
80 mins bird watching

At work Burn off a Pint:

88 mins filing
135 mins in meetings
88 mins photocopying
135 mins typing
134 mins surfing the net
On the Town:
45 mins disco dancing
80 mins playing pool
88 mins Christmas shopping
135 mins playing cards
101 mins driving a car
80 mins riding a scooter
80 mins playing darts
45 mins dancing flamenco
50 mins playing drums
Around the House:
101 mins making the bed
45 mins repairing electrical appliances
58 mins bathing the dog
94 mins doing laundry
67 mins washing windows
In the Bathroom:
101 mins showering
101 mins brushing your teeth
135 mins bathing
101 mins shaving

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